Center Back Positional Fitness Manual

Frank Barone
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A Football Based Guide to Fitness for Central Defenders

Play at a Higher Tempo For Longer

Positional fitness exercises can be used in many different scenarios. Displayed in the text include: rehab, preseason preparation, and supplementing team sessions for amateur teams. They have also been used to supplement training or to work with individual positions to overload certain moments of the game. These exercises are guides to a larger picture. If you require your players to perform different football actions than pictured, it is most important to make the exercise fit into your game model.  Given the exercises here, and a better understanding of football fitness as a whole, you will be prepared to be a top fit player or team.



Football Actions

1.1- Football Fitness- 4 Components

1.2- More Actions Per Minute

1.3- Maintain Good Actions

1.4- Maintain Many Actions

1.5- Better Actions

Positional Fitness

2.1- Football Fitness- 4 Components

2.2- More Actions Per Minute

2.3- Maintain Good Actions

2.4- Maintain Many Actions

2.5- Better Actions

The Templates

3.1- 6 Week Preseason

3.2- Positional Rehab Template

3.3- In-season Template


12 Positional Exercises, 3 Templates, and a greater understanding of football fitness to create your own exercises

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Center Back Positional Fitness Manual

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